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The main 'Learn More' page was getting long and crowded, so we decided to move the links that are more for the teachers, parents, care providers, and youth leaders to a separate page! As we add links to any videos, those will be here to so that you can preview them and know the content before your students or your class view these.

Click on a category for a list of reputable, fact-based links. Please contact us if you find broken links or have suggestions for additional website links.

Early Childhood Educator Resources
  • KinderNature - KinderNature is a resource for parents and early care and education providers to assist in learning, developing, and implementing a well-balanced environmental education preschool program with developmentally appropriate activities that incorporate a variety of learning styles and stimulate within the child an excitement for learning! This site contains nature-based outdoor inquiry activities and includes correlation to the Iowa Early Learning Standards 2012. All activities were reviewed by the Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children for being developmentally appropriate and incorporating a variety of learning styles. Many activities will meet Head Start Performance Standards. Go to the WILD Resources page for support for the Growing Up WILD guide, includes a searchable book database.
  • Children & Nature Network: The Children & Nature Network is leading a movement to connect all children, their families, and communities to nature through innovative ideas, evidence-based resources and tools, broad-based collaboration, and support of grassroots leadership.
  • Green Hearts: While this nonprofit conservation organization has now closed shop, the website is being maintained for the foreseeable future. There are still great resources to be found there about restoring and strengthening the bonds between children and nature.
  • Louise Chawla discusses in Early Childhood Matters (June 2012) the importance of access to nature for young children. (opens as PDF)
Interesting Reads!

Teacher Learning Opportunities
  • Environmental Issues Instruction: eii is a graduate level in-service program for teachers designed to prepare them to teach environmental issues to students K-14.
  • Iowa Conservation Education Coalition: ICEC is a non-profit organization with a long-standing tradition of providing professional development to formal and non-formal educators and in conservation and environmental education.
  • The Leopold Education Project - The Leopold Education Project (LEP) is an innovative, interdisciplinary conservation and environmental education curriculum based on the essays in A Sand County Almanac.
  • South Central Iowa Solid Waste Agency: This solid waste agency serves these Iowa counties: Lucas, Marion, Monroe, and Poweshiek, educational opportunities available.
Teacher and Parent Resources
As we cannot control the associated content with videos posted on sites like YouTube and Vimeo, please review these videos for appropriate content for your children before showing.
  • A November 2008 episode, American Eagle from the PBS show Nature.
  • The PBS show Nature first aired three episodes in Spring 2015 about animal homes, check out the amazing work that went into each episode!
  • A bionic beak - Check out this Seatle TV station report about a north Idaho eagle that lost her upper beak from being shot. Beauty and the Beak from Keith Bubach on Vimeo.
  • How are birds of prey able to fly through the forest and other tight spaces without getting hurt? Check out this video on YouTube from the show Animal's Guide to Britain on BBC Two -- Goshawk Flies Through Tiny Spaces in Slo-Mo!
  • How can we reconnect with nature? David Suzuki and author Richard Louv tackle this question and more in their conversation at the Art Gallery of Ontario in July 2012. Produced for the David Suzuki Foundation by Dowling Pictures. For tips on how to add a daily dose of nature to your routine, check out Watch their presentation on YouTube - about 25 minutes.
  • Watch this "High Velocity Falcon" video from National Geographic and check out how fast a peregrine dives!
  • The Last River Rat - Learn about the "Last River Rat" who has lived along the shores of the Upper Mississippi River in Wisconsin for 30 years. As Kenny Salwey explains, River Rat is a title you earn.  He explains that he lives with the river and not on the river.
    • Iowa Public Radio Talk of Iowa archive broadcast of Charity Nebbe's interview with Kenny, the "Last River Rat" and listen about life on the river and his thoughts about nature and life in general.
    • The BBC also did a Natural World program titled "Mississippi, Tales of the Last River Rat." Visit the GladysBlackEagle YouTube Channel where you can find this broadcast in five chunks... they are on our list of favorites.
  • Watch IPTV's Iowa Outdoors segment about the 2013 Lake Red Rock Bald Eagle Day, Learning about Birds of Prey
  • Linn County (Iowa) Parks - Check out their YouTube Channel!
  • Many, many live web cams are available at from pandas to service dogs to brown bears and more.
  • Iowa DNR prairie chicken release at Kettleson Grassland on April 6-7, 2012
  • The Right Where You Are Now video is a great example of what childhood should be about!
  • Seeing NatureYou can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatsoever about the bird... so let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing  That’s what counts! I learned very early on the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something. ~Richard Feynman, physicist
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology describes the life of a snowy owl.
  • Magic of the Snowy Owl from the PBS Show Nature originally aired 10/24/12
  • Symphony of the Soil is a 104-minute documentary feature film that explores the complexity and mystery of soil. Filmed on four continents and sharing the voices of some of the world’s most esteemed soil scientists, farmers and activists, the film portrays soil as a protagonist of our planetary story. Watch the trailer here. Film can be rented for a 72-hour streaming period for $5.99.
  • Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla - About a 6 minute YouTube video of an amazing chance encounter with a troop of wild mountain gorillas near Bwindi National Park, Uganda.
  • 1986 Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom episode "Where Geese Nest in Trees" that shows how Canada geese in a Montana wildlife reserve adapted to using old osprey platform nests to keep their eggs safe from predators.
  • American woodcock portrait gives you a good idea of the sound of the male's call - less than 1.5 minute YouTube video.
  • American woodcock aerial dance - about a 2 minute YouTube video

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