History of This Website

The original Project was a partnership between the Red Rock Lake Association and Marion County Conservation. This unique partnership encourages residents of Marion County (and the Midwest and beyond) to get out the door and explore the natural world.

Red Rock Lake Association - Partners with the US Army Corps of Engineers in managing recreation, development and stewardship of Lake Red Rock.

Marion County Conservation - Founded in 1956 under Iowa Code Chapter 350.11 and provides conservation, recreation and educational opportunities to promote understanding and appreciation with a sense of empathy and responsibility towards our natural communities. The Marion County Conservation Board operates and manages Marion County Park, Cordova Park, Roberts Creek Park, Wilcox Wildlife Preserve, Paul Todd Wildlife Area, Horns Ferry Bridge Area, Bauer Park, and three miles of paved Volksweg Trail along county road T-15.

The Lake Association education committee members and the Marion County naturalist share the same goals of helping people reconnect with the natural world. The website will help you observe, offer books or articles to read more on a particular subject, and suggest activities you can do alone or with your family. You’ll also learn ways to improve the natural habitat you enjoy. If you’re a parent, teacher, or youth leader, we hope you begin your journey through our “Topics” and involve the children in your care in these activities and learning.

We hope you can develop your own “sense of place” in this world. Place is more than a name, but knowing the inter-relationships of the stories of the animals, plants, soil, water, and people – then, now, and tomorrow.