2013 List of Topics

Rocks, Geology, and Coal Mining - Posted December 2013

Marion County geology and coal mining links, videos, activities and photo albums.

Article contributed by Cindy Blobaum, author of “Geology Rocks!” and Naturalist with Dallas County Conservation.

Woolly Mammoths in Mahaska County - Posted November 2013

What is a Woolly Mammoth? What are we learning from digging up mammoth bones? Contributed by Mahaska County Conservation Naturalist.

Preparing for Winter - Posted October 2013

Learn different ways living things cope and survive winter. Includes plants, cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals, and insects. Includes recorded videos of Marion CCB programs, photo albums, and early childhood activities.

Ecology of the Rotten Log - Posted September 2013

Learn how important a rotten log is! Introduces vocabulary. Discusses producers, consumers, and decomposers in a forest ecosystem. Activities, links and photo albums.

Wildlife Misconceptions - Posted August 2013

Continuation of the “fears” with misconceptions of reptiles, amphibians and nocturnal (dusk-to-dawn hunters). Links and photo albums.

What are you afraid of? - Posted July 2013

Learn how to deal with fears, books that may be read that deal with childhood fear, links and photo albums of the ‘unhuggables.’

Water: A common thread to life! - Posted June 2013

The Des Moines River watershed and its placement within the Mississippi Flyway allows opportunity for all of us to become more aware of our global and local environment. Action ideas include rain barrel and rain garden plans, water trails around Red Rock and Iowa, river clean-up information, including Project AWARE.

Chimney Swifts - Posted May 2013

Learn about one of Gladys’ favorite birds! Read about the Gladys Black Memorial Garden and Chimney Swift Tower in Pleasantville, Iowa; chimney swift tower plans, life history, sounds and identification.

Wildlife Restoration - Posted April 2013

Investigate Iowa’s changed landscape and the efforts to restore species of wildlife as our habitats improve. Includes river otter, osprey, peregrine falcons, wild turkey, prairie chicken and trumpeter swans. Also features information on prairie habitat restoration in Iowa.

Migration "Madness" - Posted March 2013

Read about migration wonders, terms, Neotropical and short distant migrants, photo albums, seasonal movements, and how birds impact our lives. Citizen science and many other reliable links, including water loving birds.

Bird Feeding Fun - Posted February 2013

Basic bird feeding information including types of food and feeders, common feeder bird photo album, Citizen Science projects and links, plus basic birding links.