2014 List of Topics

Balancing Act with Predators - Posted December 2014

An ecosystem really is a balancing act! Learn about food chains, food webs, Iowa information, plus video links to understand the connection between wolves and the health of the Yellowstone ecosystem. Check out the Yellowstone wildlife photo album. Learn about Aldo Leopold’s conservation ethic through a video trailer of ‘The Green Fire Film Project.’

Let's gnaw on this! - Posted November 2014

What do teeth tell us? Teeth can tell us what kind of animal they are, where they may live, and what kinds of foods they eat. Check out the vocabulary, photo albums of Iowa animals and reliable links.

Bats begin with "b" - Posted October 2014

Bats, the benefits of bats, challenges, bat education and activities, Iowa bat photos and information, action activities, vocabulary, books, and a rehabilitators passion for helping Iowa’s bats. Written by Dr. Rebecca Christoffel and Marlene Ehresman, Iowa Wildlife Center.

Understanding Fall Migration - Posted September 2014

Reliable links and information helps us understand migration mysteries, birds and butterflies, telemetry research, neotropical migrants, habitat health, breeding areas, and dilemmas.

Osprey - a sentinel of clean water - Posted August 2014

A continuation from ‘Soil Schmoil’ and ‘Red Rock’s Dirty Secret’ encouraging all to take action to reduce sedimentation and the importance and education of Osprey Restoration in Iowa. Osprey are an indicator species of water quality.

Red Rock's Dirty Secret - Posted July 2014

Red Rock Lake Association helps us understand the concern about the amount of sediment running into Lake Red Rock. Information includes sedimentation articles, resources, videos and vocabulary.

Soil Schmoil... what do we need to know about soil? - Posted June 2014

Where does our water go, why are there layers in the soil? Check out soil samples activity, teachers guide to soil activities, reliable links about the secrets of soil, the 17-year cicada hatch in June 2014, and wildlife participation in soils.

Iowa's Black Gold - Posted May 2014

Learn how Iowa prairies looked prior to pioneer settlement, IPTV links, places for ‘must see’ areas to visit, links, management, and restoration. Assistance from Mark Thompson, Red Rock Lake Association member.

Stories of Life Wrapped in Little Packages - Posted April 2014

Introduces owl pellets, predator-prey relationships and includes virtual activities, presentations ready for classroom use, photo albums, integrating graphing and math into pellet dissections.

Owls - Our Early Nesters - Posted March 2014

Iowa owls are the earliest nesters. Information includes natural history and sounds, photo albums, videos and links.

The Winter Night Sky - Posted February 2014

Learn about stars, halos and bows, check out Citizen Science, books, constellation activities, and reliable links.

Camouflage - Posted January 2014

Learn how animals use camouflage, presentation for classroom or home use, photo album, activity ideas and reliable links.