2015 List of Topics

The muscle of mussels: A powerful indicator species - Posted December 2015

These amazing little creatures are immensely important to stream ecology and biodiversity.

One touch of nature - Posted November 2015

Explore winter with the same enthusiasm as you do spring, summer, and fall! There is much to learn and fun to be had.

Longwings return to Midwest skies - Long may the peregrine fly! - Posted October 2015

Today, peregrine falcons have successfully returned to the Mississippi River bluffs where they prospered for centuries. It occurred in our lifetime. The falcons’ role as a positive biological indicator species on the health of our environment has returned.

"A view of land and people..." - Posted September 2015

Within the history of Iowa, there have been a few well known, forward-thinking pioneers of conservation. Through observation, working with the land, and in-depth teachings about original beliefs and changes of beliefs over time, we would like to introduce you to Aldo Leopold, acknowledged by many as the father of wildlife conservation.

Touch me? Touch me not! - Posted August 2015

Iowans are pretty fortunate. Iowa has just a small handful of poisonous and / or bothersome types of plants. People living in warmer climates must consider numerous things before enjoying their own backyard. How well do you know your plants that surround us each and every day?

What do insects learn at school? - Posted July 2015

Celebrate the diversity of moths! Learn how to tell a moth from a butterfly.

Oh, HONEY, where are you? - Posted June 2015

Learn who the plant pollinators are and why these animals are so important to so many aspects of our life!

Welcome to my Garden - Posted May 2015

Iowa is currently considered the most altered state in the nation. It is somewhat troubling to even write that statement. Fortunately many Iowan’s are being creative and working towards the protection of our native plants and animals. Learn about landscaping and gardening for wildlife.

Lake Renovation at Marion County Park - Posted April 2015

Marion County Lake needed a face-lift and planning began in 2011 with a fisheries study. Sill dams and silt retention ponds, along with silt removal from the lake bed were planned. Work began in the fall of 2013 and concluded March 2015.

Iowa's Wild Canary - Posted March 2015

The Iowa state bird is the American goldfinch. Learn how to identify and attract these colorful birds to your yard. This wild canary was one of Gladys Black's favorite Iowa songbirds, find a link to read one of her newspaper articles from 1972!

Love is in the air! - Posted February 2015

As spring approaches and the desire to begin anew, courtship, defending territory, bonding and nesting are already occurring in some groups of Iowa's resident birds.

Who Goes There? Unraveling a Mystery!! - Posted January 2015

Wildlife tracks are a mystery you can solve. Learn how to read tracks with the help of tracking guides and photos. Page includes activity links and book suggestions.